Chakalaka…gets the love!

I am a local Google Guide…which means that I review and rate different places in my local community and add them to Google maps to be found by hungry and weary travelers every where. My newest statistics from Google Maps shows that Chakalaka gets a lot of love with over 3000+ views and a great review. Check out Chakalaka a get some love for your self! Here’s a screen shot:




Here’s another little ‘brag tag’ with over 3200+ views of more than 70 reviews, 133 photos with over 182,000 views it seems that some one, some where likes what I do. That just inspires me to do even more of it.


Trip Advisor readers (all 70,000) also seem to like seeing my pics and reading my tales of restaurants and food, beaches and sand, and places to go. With over 130,000 miles clocked, and 9% of the world visited (according to trip Advisor – in reality much more)  I have a few tales to tell, mostly about good food, great friends, and happy times!

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