Take up where we left off…

It seems that the time flies too fast and that we get caught up in the swiftness of the current of life and sometimes we need to just take a moment to …breathe… inhale…exhale…repeat slowly.

This is a listing of what is coming to the ‘fill-in-the-blanks” section over the past year. Some of these travels have already been posted so check out the new stuff at your leisure … remember to breathe!

Our first trip in 2018 was in actuality a continuation of the end of 2017 trip to Mexico. Unfortunately I fell ill and did not have a chance to write and keep you all up-to-date on it….but now look for the Mexico Matters blogs! Check it out: https://allaboutbaja.com/baja-cities/east-cape/

I then stole away by myself for a visit to the incredible east coast, to Labrador, to visit my sister and do some home cooking! https://www.newfoundlandlabrador.com/plan-and-book/festivals-and-events

Our second trip was to a 6 country tour of South East Asia… and what a time it was… loved every minute (except the minutes of a bad allergy!)…  catch up in the Aisa Foodie Tour section. Good food, good friends, good fun!   https://www.gadventures.com/trips/indochina-encompassed/ATIE/

Our third trip was to 6 countries in Africa on a private photo Safari… oh the challenges with the internet, but not to worry…it has all been recorded for posterity. See my posts upcoming – Africa and Annika! Check out the great Drifter’s Tours here: https://www.drifters.co.za/tours-and-lodges/24-day-southern-circle-tour/

August left us a bit of time to take a quick trip to Portland for the Portland Grand Prix race… Indy Cars at their best. Look for Portland if you are a race fan!   https://portlandgp.com/

Racing again in October brought us to the capitol of the great State of Texas… Austin, and the Formula 1 Grand Prix at the Circuit of the Americas. Check out the Formula 1 section for some fast action.  https://cotaexperiences.com/calendar-of-events

November and closer to home we did a weekend trip to the beautiful (and tasty) place, Bowen Island. With a little beach walking and some thrift shopping, we also had some wonderful food experiences!   https://www.tourismbowenisland.com/

December brings us back to Mexico where we will try a few new delights and return to some old favorites. Stay connected with the East Cape and Whale Sharks adventure!   https://www.mexplorebcs.com/

Next year a promise of the Cook Islands and my husband’s life time dream to visit Aitutaki!

Check it out here: https://cookislands.travel/en-CA/island/aitutaki

Then off to Melbourne for another Formula 1 Race … I love the consistency!   https://www.australia-grand-prix.com/en/2381-australia-f1/?pgs=1&si=&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI2sStkaCU3wIVj5x-Ch12agn5EAAYAyAAEgLCtvD_BwE




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