Club Raro Resort

Club Raro Resort is located right on the ocean, with a low lagoon right in front, and the main island town right next door.

It is a lovely little spot and captured my fancy because rooms are facing the water, it offers breakfast, internet (a paid service as we found out), and management response time was excellent!

We arranged airport pick-up through Club Raro and it was easy peasy. Go to the desk at the airport (after clearing customs) and they give you a beautiful lei, a bottle of fresh cold water, and drop you at the hotel. After having traveled nearly 45 hours we were in a state of delirium and not too happy to find out at check-in that the internet was a paid service. Due to the fact that I write every day while on a trip I am always very careful to have internet service available and I always look for free internet for uploading pictures etc.

My husband spoke with the front desk and the manager while I went to our room to get settled. Upon his return to the room I learned that internet is indeed a paid service and that we would be looking to buy a SIM card for my cell so that we could get service. But, ‘low and behold’ the manager – Donye came knocking at our door. She explained a few things and did some research into our booking and presented us with an internet package. WOW! I’m impressed! Not only that she did the digging, found results, but came up with a client centered solution that made everything right! Thank you Donye you are a treasure.

Our room is lovely and clean, with crisp white sheets, views of the ocean, and sounds of the waves rushing in to lull anyone to sleep. It was worth all the hassles just to ‘be’ here.

We quickly scurried into our bathing suits and went in the ocean to get wet. The lagoon area is shallow and some what sheltered from the rolling of the waves just outside the reef. The water is beautiful and warm and the song of the ocean seeps into your (tired) bones.

Breakfast is a buffet style with the usual self service coffee, tea, toast and hot items such as eggs, sausage, and beans. Muesli and yogurt, fruit and more fruit complete the buffet (the buffet is included in your room if you purchased the package). You may also choose to have a breakfast menu item made to your desires! The menu is on the table each morning, just find a wait person to order.

Here is the link:

…so far…so good!

Club Raro is highly recommended because Donye is awesome!


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