And the next adventure begins

Our flights from Canada to the Cook Islands were interesting (to say the least), changed three times by Air New Zealand (and they forgot to re-assign our premium seats – but that is another post – check it out), a grueling 45 hours! It would not have been quite that long if we had not needed to back track after landing in Melbourne, waiting four hours, and flying back to Sydney, in order to come up with alternatives to the New Zealand Air flight that was cancelled. It seems they are having issues with the Rolls Royce engines and flights are disrupted because of it. Ahhh…the joys of travel when you are flying to remote places!

We did do an overnight in Auckland NZ, even though, it was only a partial night from about 1:30 in the morning to 6:00 am to catch our next flight to Roratonga. We stayed at the AKL Airport Motel. It was clean and fresh and we were some what revived when we woke. It offers free shuttle service to and from the airport (which was well worth it) and the drivers were wonderful with stories of the area and their experiences. We would stay here again (in a minute) but alas, they are booked solid on our return so we will try a new place then. No wonder here! Check out the web site:

But, ‘failing all else’ we arrived!
Stay logged-in to catch my review of the Club Raro Resort on Roratonga! It’s going to be a duezzy!

Sunrise to the airport from AKL Motel


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