Aretai Villas… live the dream…feel the magic!

Come, stay a while… the soft breeze beckons. Relax in my turquoise waves… the sea calls! Sit and enjoy my warmth… the sun hails to all…. and so it is.

Snuggled into a coconut palm acreage, lapped by an azure sea, with the friendliest people in the world, Aretai Villas, on the island of Aitutaki; a tiny bit of paradise longing to be visited.

Aretai Villas

As we opened the patio door and walked into the living area we found the villa had a robust aroma from the basket of fresh bananas, passion fruit, and lemon /limes adorning the dining room table. Thank you Lawton (the onsite care-taker).

Sue and her family have turned this small acreage into a restful retreat from the busy world worth making a trip across an ocean for the sheer delight of it. The villas boast 2 bedrooms (with very comfortable beds and lovely bedding) a full bath; and with a living, dining room and full kitchen living is easy at Aretai. Premium bedding, loads of towels (for beach duty), housekeeping and a deck (with table and chairs) facing the lovely blue water and cooling breeze makes us feel like we are home.

Sand and sea…

Sue is now updating appliances and refurbishing the 3 units which makes it even better. Ceiling fans and floor fans keep a nice air flow through out the villa. Modern windows with screens add to the air movement and keep the bugs at bay when the breeze isn’t blowing.

I can honestly say that there is nothing more relaxing than sitting in a beach lounger with the sun warming your cares away and a cool breeze tickling your fancy with frequent dips into the sea’s blue soothing depths.

Visit the website here:

Highly recommended so start planning…tell Sue TravelSpirit sent you!


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