Te King Lagoon Tours

Our property manager recommended Te King Lagoon Tours and he was right on the money! A door to door pick-up and delivery, towels provided, snorkel gear provided (but we carry our own), and an amazing lunch provided as well.

Our Captain Tia

The tour stops at four to five places on the famous Aitutaki lagoon to see schools of colorful fish, Napoleon wrasse (very large), purple coral, and a real coral reef experience. A stop at one foot island to get a post card (or your passport) stamped, a visit to Honeymoon Island, and another stop for a beautiful bar-b-que lunch with lots of snorkeling in between made an incredible day!

The food for lunch was all home made, and prepared and presented with the same joy all islanders have (the friendliest people in the world). A spread of six salads, grilled fish (see receipe for Captain Tia’s Moma’s fish marinade), grilled chicken, pumpkin, eggplant, and banana (all delicious) served with ice cold filtered water (or a beer if you are so inclined).

A full plate!

We ate, we talked, and we laughed. We got to know our tour mates a little better while indulging in some fantastic taste experiences. I will try to copy the curried papaya at home as this is the only preparation of papaya that I actually like! I will post the recipe if I get it right.

If you want a lagoon tour that offers a lot of great snorkeling, delicious food and great people…Te King is the one you need. Credit cards accepted with a 5% surcharge, cash accepted as well.
Check out the web site here: https://www.tekingtours.com/

Tell them TravelSpirit sent you.
Highly recommended!

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