Driving Greece – Backroads and beaches

We love driving Greece! The roads are good and the backroads are exciting…the goat paths…not so much. But we rely on the “Google Lady” to get us to and through most places we drive. She has been especially helpful, and also, especially problematic in Greece as she continues to tell us to turn left off steep embankments …generally down to the Sea below!
Failing all else we must rely on her to travel to destinations we have only heard of through travel documentaries. She is a resource we cannot do without.
A great feature of Google maps that we have discovered is that you can actually plan a route, save it, and then send it to yourself by email. This shows up on our phones and we can navigate without any connection to data. We generally go online and download the maps to the phone at each place we stay for the next upcoming drive. Easy peasy!
We also use Trip Journal to log our actual route that we drive each day. We turn on Trip Journal, get a signal, and then it will log every turn, every road that we weren’t supposed to be on, and every town where we have stopped. We also add a photo to places that we would like to mark on the map for future reference. Looking back over a days driving with all the twists and turns as well as the back and forth and circles you can see what a wonderful time you had trying to figure out where the “Google Lady’ was telling you to go!


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