Small Greek Villages

The Greek villages are as old as time itself, and the countryside is so awesome but the people are the real gems!

Driving through a small Greek village is like being inside a sandwich where the buildings are at the road on each side of you and the road is just barely wide enough to get through. I can see how these roads were fist designed and created for horse and carriage or a wagon, but nothing too wide.

I am always amazed when we see a large garbage truck or a big delivery truck some where in the mountains and it had to take the same roads that we took to get there! On one occasion we were coming from one direction and a garbage truck was coming from the other direction…the garbage truck filled the road…so, we backed up to a spot where the truck could get through. With a friendly wave and a smile the driver was on his way.

These little villages are the essence of Greek country life! Quiet, laid back, and sublime! The villagers always know when there is a different car driving through. They take notice, some wave a friendly hand, and others look up but go about their business. Some may offer by gesture a meal at a local taverna or café. But, all are friendly and we have always felt welcomed.


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