Athena vs Poseidon – The Battle Continues (with a good measure of Dionysus thrown into the fray!)

We love Greek food which always has a good measure of olive oil, we also love seafood, and we love wine! Well this trip we are going to focus on those three Greeks Gods!
The myth that Athena and Poseidon fought for the right to be the patron god of the Greek land is well known. But, here is a link to refresh your memory!

Athena won by providing the people with the olive tree thereby establishing her reign over the landscape, as is well evidenced by the number of olive groves in Greece. Olive trees produce fruit which is eaten, oil used to produce the wonderful food that is Greece, and wood for fires for cooking and baking, and carving. So, our goal is to eat our fill of olives and anything with olive oil on this adventure.,Greece’s%20history%20since%20antiquity.&text=Ancient%20Greeks%20also%20used%20olive,for%20the%20skin%20and%20hair

Poseidon however came a very close second by providing all the wealth of the sea to the people. But, his wrath was more than the people could take! Seafood however was accepted without question. Our second goal is to eat something from the sea every night to appease the second place contender, Poseidon!

Dyonisis, the god of wine and reverlry was every where very early and could always be counted on for a good time! As this god is never far from good food we dicided to do a wine tour of Greece and include all our favorite wineries, both old favorites and new favorites!

So, this Greece trip is The Olive and Seafood with lots of Wine thrown in for good measure!


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