Vriniotis Winery – Evia

Our wine server, Olga, made our day! She was smart, polite, Covid- conscious and gave us a fabulous wine tasting.

This vineyard is one of the premier wineries on the island of Evia (very possibly Greece). Located high on the top of a fabulous hill it boasts views to be remembered!

But, the view is the lesser part of the experience…the wines are fabulous! We had a wine tasting that blew my socks off. Why? because I cannot drink reds! I know, I love reds but reds don’t love me! But these reds are absolutely fabulous!
The Iama series of wines is beautiful, full, and leaves you wanting more. This white is my favorite but the red is also notable for its soft full body and expansive taste!

The Methea white is tantalizing with wonderful notes and a beautiful long after taste that lets you savor every sip! The red is full, smooth, and luscious and hints of fine dining and loving life!

The G sweet wine is candy! Simple as that! Beautiful buttery candy! Dessert in a bottle!

Kostas, the owner of the winery came and spoke with us for a few minutes on his way out (very busy time year at wineries everywhere) so we were very pleased for him to take the time to speak with us. Kostas would like to have a Canadian partner to import his wines into Canada. This might be an interesting venture for anyone who would like to consider this opportunity. We have seriously thought about a partnership with a Greek wine maker, all-expense paid trips to Greece every year to taste wine to be imported to Canada! You can’t get much better than that!

Please see his contact information link. http://www.vriniotiswinery.gr
To say we loved this winery is an understatement. We bought a number of our favorites and drank them all under the guidance of Dionysus!


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