Glyfa to Evia Ferry – Jellyfish, Beaches, and Wineries

A very nice drive to Glyfa to catch the ferry to Evia brought us through some beautiful mountains and scenery. We loved the drive!

Drive down the main street and turn right and you will see a kiosk selling tickets for the ferry. You can buy a one-way or a return ticket. You may want the one way because you will want to drive the roads of Evia to the bridge at the lower end of the island.

The Glyfa ferry was small and compact but all the cars managed to fit. As we watched over the side we saw vast hordes of jelly fish! The most I have ever seen in one place. We call these Lion’s Mane jellyfish (unsure what they are called here in Greece).

It was a lovely sail to Evia, the wind was warm, the sun was bright and the day was beautiful!
We did a bit of a tour once we arrived by driving around the perimeter of the northern part of the island. The beaches here are absolutely gorgeous, small pebbles and sand and the water is calm and warm! No sign of the jellyfish here!

We had some time to spare so we checked out a local winery – Vriniotis on the top of the mountain! Check out my review on my next post!

Then to our accommodation -Effi’s House (check it out on my post and my review on Google Guides and!

Evia is our new Greek island for this trip and so far we are very impressed! It is easy to get to, very beautiful, and the beaches are wonderful and wine exceptional.
Highly recommended.


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