Museum at Chora

Driving from the Aggelos Hotel to Glyfa Beach we decided to make a stop that we have made before at the small unique museum at Chora. The staff were fantastic and we enjoyed every minute!

Needless to say that if this is not our fist time stopping here we must like what it offers. And we do! This is one of the nicest small museums in Greece. It has a great variety of lovely finds and some incredible pottery. It has three rooms, well laid out and categorized with good lighting.

Check it out here as well as going to have a look for yourself!
Prices of tickets and times open to the public here:
There are also a couple of other interesting places in the area that we have visited over time. The Palace of Nestor and at the palace of Ano Englianos lies the largest excavated Mycenaean vaulted tomb of the area. Both are well worth seeing.
Although some of the finds are housed at Chora many others are at the National Archaeological Museum of Athens. Check out the museum for lots of great finds!

Well worth the drive! Highly recommended.

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