On the Road to Siem Reap (includes big spiders and wood carvings)

Well, if anyone had told me that I would be making road side stops to visit the local insect market I may have laughed out loud. But, that is exactly what we did on the road to Siem Reap. We made a number of interesting stops but I must admit that the insect market most… Continue reading On the Road to Siem Reap (includes big spiders and wood carvings)

Welcome to Viet Nam…street food too!

As we arrived in VietNam we realized that the weather was going to be warmer and the food was going to be hotter...but not yet. We arrived at our Hotel to find our guide Lilly waiting to take us on a street food tour...we could hardly believe our good fortune. So, 12 weary, hungry travelers… Continue reading Welcome to Viet Nam…street food too!

Bangkok…makes a hard man humble…and full!

The street vendors of Bangkok are world renowned for great, quick food! Our first street vendor meal last night did not disappoint! So, many choices and so many food carts make a wise man wonder...what will I have next? Locals take a great amount of pride in their food carts by preparing and displaying everything… Continue reading Bangkok…makes a hard man humble…and full!