National Anthropological Museum

We visited the National Anthropological Museum today…well actually we went early morning and stayed all day. It was so enthralling that we missed eating lunch! It is one of the very best museums we have ever visited on any of our trips to over 40 countries. We were able to only see the main floor the exhibits were that good!

The museum is a short walk from our Hotel, which is one of the main reasons for staying here, and you get to go through the Botanical Gardens… bonus! The foyer is well laid out with the ticket booths displayed to the right in the lobby (tickets are $70 pesos per adult) [insert photo] as well as having the ‘information’ desk right next it it. Pick up a map that will guide you, because once you walk through those doors, you will encounter some of the most incredible displays that will transport you back in time! If you have a knapsack or large bag the museum staff will ask you to check it at the check room which is located on the left side of the lobby and the left side of the gift shop. On the left side of the gift shop there are rest rooms and a bank machine.

Speaking of gift shop – If you have a few minutes (who an I kidding) before or after your visit to go into the gift shop you will find some exquisite treasures to take home with you. I buy a piece of jewelry on every trip (and have for 40 years). It is usually something that catches my eye (saying ‘buy me’) or a piece that has symbolic meaning for the place and country I am visiting. Most times it has a story as well (today I went in to buy bandaids for a blister that was developing) and bought jewelry instead. It is now a family ritual for the grand kids to ask what the story is behind each piece of jewelry (and to lay claim to anything that strikes their fancy)! Today I picked up a silver necklace in the shape of a feather which matches perfectly to the silver feather earrings I bought in Australia last year…perfect.

We will be returning on Saturday to complete our journey through time! We will visit the ethnography museum upstairs and hopefully see some wonderful displays.  but, tomorrow we will head in a different direction… Teotihuacan – the Temple of the Sun and the Moon! Until then friends… Travel Safe and stay happy!

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