Amazing! Our archaeological guide, Leonardo, took us for a ride through history, solved a few puzzles, and brought us back to the present with food and the flavor of current day Mesoamerican culture.

Our visit to Teotihuacan – the Temples of the Moon and the Sun brought some unexpected revelations. The Teotihuacans called these temples by different names – the Temple of the Sun was really the temple to the Rain God and the Temple of the Moon was really the temple to the Water Goddess (lakes, rivers, streams etc.)…who could’ve known. So, the modern names does not really reflect the purpose for which the temples were built.

This is a massive site, and the currently named “Avenue of the Dead” is about 5 miles long. We walked only 2 miles of it and thank goodness for that small mercy! The 30 sq km site was one of the largest in Mesoamerica.

Check it out here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Teotihuacan


After our trip into the past we were taken to a wonderful restaurant for lunch. We had a surprise in store for us as we were introduced to the different types of Mexican alcohol, and had ‘samples’ of each; the 24 hour fermented agave sap, the Tequila, the Amaretto, and … oh so many toasts …

Find out more here: http://www.botanical-online.com/english/agave-sap.htm

Then obsidian stone, then jewelry (oh oh!), then weaving, then lunch! Wow! We packed a lot of information into our brains on an empty stomach!


Lunch was – did I mention – fantastic! We had the buffet but you can also order from the menu. It is one of the best buffets we have had in a very long time. The food was fresh, delicious and rather more (ish).

We had interesting and a little daring, lunch companions, Costas  (his mother is Greek and his father is Mexican) and Eileen (Australian), and Yuan (Chinese). We discussed multiculturalism and of course food!

Costas asked what were the weirdest things we have ever eaten and we told him – deep fired worms, snake, and snail soup! He was suitably impressed! My husband then mentioned that there were a couple of ‘interesting items’ on the menu of this restaurant – what looked like worms and crickets. A quick look at the menu confirmed our suspicions. So, we decided to order crickets – deep fried and delicious… The little ‘snackers’ were shared around the tables and most of our company enjoyed them immensely.

After filling our brains with knowledge, our tummies with food, and our space with friends we boarded the bus for a ride back to Mexico City. Happy, contented and sleepy!


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