Yannis Hotel and Restaurant

The cool, refreshing breeze was a welcome change from the heat of the day as we relaxed outside on the restaurant patio. Our host was friendly and cordial with suggestions from the menu, which is limited in the off-season, but still very appealing. Wine, of course! Local, of course local! A fresh white wine with a bit of a zing to it…yummy!

Greek Salad

I ordered the calamari, my husband the souvlaki, and a Greek salad. Even though the calamari was ‘refrigerated’ it tasted fresh and delicious, served with local tomatoes and onion. The souvlaki was served with fries and was also delicious and paired well with the excellent local wine. The Greek salad was good even though the pickled hot peppers are not my favorite in a Greek salad as I prefer the classic salad of cucumbers, tomato, and peppers with red onion and a dash of vinegar and olive oil and a sprinkling of spices topped with a beautiful chunk of feta!
All said … a lovely dinner!
Locals started arriving as we left the patio, so…say no more.
An evening walk to take some local photos and we settle in for the night. Check out some local attractions below.



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