Vientiane – The New Capital of Laos – Beauty meets Modern

A modern and upbeat city Vientiane is bustling and busy but has a bit of a laid back quality as well. Some fantastic architecture, bakeries, and yes, silk factories such as Carol Cassidy's Laos Textiles... where I bought another silk wall hanging of exquisite design and work womanship! Our hotel, the treasure Hotel, was brand… Continue reading Vientiane – The New Capital of Laos – Beauty meets Modern

Vang Vieng Home Stay…Yay!

This lovely village of Vang Vieng is located just outside the main town. It took a few minutes to navigate the dirt roads and get to our center village.         Our home stay hosts were awaiting us. After some quick introductions we were whisked off to get settled in our rooms and… Continue reading Vang Vieng Home Stay…Yay!

Evening with a Lao family

This evening we had the great fortune to have dinner with a local Lao family. The family prepared a traditional meal, gave us luck bracelets which tied us to the family and granted us permission (by the ancestors) to enter the home and be peaceful within. We had a beautiful ceremony with two elders and… Continue reading Evening with a Lao family

Nostalgia …the ‘old’ blog site…

This blog is dedicated to all those who travel, either by themselves, with others, or from the comfort of their armchairs. It is intended to inspire, excite, educate, and promote knowledge. It can be a lifeline to the world around us and an outlet for the adventurer. I hope it will chronicle many a cultural… Continue reading Nostalgia …the ‘old’ blog site…

Down the river with you…the mighty Mekong River!

From Thailand to Laos... From Chiang Khong to the Laos boarder was pretty easy drive and an even easier crossing into Laos. Our guides on both sides were wonderful! Gotta love G@Adventures for great planning. The vans were waiting for us to take to the slow river boat down the Mighty Mekong river. A beautiful… Continue reading Down the river with you…the mighty Mekong River!

The post that never went anywhere! The guff on the group and a few more items!

Met our G Adventures group last night and I must admit I am more than pleasantly enchanted!  The meeting was informative and ...well a meeting! Introductions all around led to some interesting people with interesting stories...and I'm sure it will just get better over the next few weeks. Group dinner was awesome! No, I'm not… Continue reading The post that never went anywhere! The guff on the group and a few more items!

3rd and 4th Labors of Heracles

Driving through the areas of Sereina, Karaninia and Erathematha we were reminded of our trip find the places where the labors of heracles took place. Here we were almost at the mountain where Heracles visited the centaur Pholus. Go ahead and read about it here: We also followed the trail of the… Continue reading 3rd and 4th Labors of Heracles

Cotton and Corn

As we drive through the central interior of Greece we are stunned by the flat plains of lush green farmland from Veleistino to around Karditsa. The scenes of farmers, lovely little villages, and green and golden fields acknowledges the richness of the land and the spirit of the people who work it. The fields… Continue reading Cotton and Corn

Marathon Archaeological Museum

Once we had finished a lovely breakfast at the Marathon beach Hotel we were off and to speak. The GPS lady took us on a little wild goose chase around some back roads. But, we are so glad she did as we 'found' a wonderful little museum with a fantastic curator, Marileana, who gave… Continue reading Marathon Archaeological Museum

To sea again…

A quick ride into Mytelini in the morning and a short wait at the dock and the 'Aridane' was loaded efficiently and quickly. The entrance to the dock loading zone for Hellenic Seaways is on the south side of the harbour and the line up was actually organized and controlled by the Port Police. Good… Continue reading To sea again…