Christo’s Restaurant and the Dolmathes

I guess I knew deep down in my soul that sooner or later it had to happen. I was not dreading the day but more like a secret knowing, and expectation. Today was that day. The day when I found a dolmathe that I considered better and more flavorful than mine.
Christo’s Restrauant in Petra on the Island of Lesvos has now taken that coveted place in my heart and mind (and taste buds). Sitting at a table in the cool breeze overlooking the sea, with a good glass of wine and good company was the perfect place to have this happen. The very first taste and I knew that this was the best dolmathe I had ever had; mine were good, but this was the perfect balance of flavor and consistency, an excellent wrap, and a near perfect simple presentation.


My husband enjoyed his lamb Kelftico and I my grilled prawns immensely!

Lamb Kelftico
Grilled Prawns


Highly recommended!


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