SSP – My Review Websites!

I post reviews on a number of review websites, some of which are directly related the service offered as,, and So, the great news is that I now have my own page on and here it is: Also, on Trip Advisor I have now reached 40,000 readers! Here it is:… Continue reading SSP – My Review Websites!

Our last day and night on Lesvos

In our week driving the island of Lesvos we saw an amazing array of country side from lush Pine forests to massive olive groves (over 11,000,000 trees), from scrub brush along the storm ravaged shores to the hills covered in wild herbs, from roads too small for a car to goat paths that we constantly… Continue reading Our last day and night on Lesvos

Self-seasoned lamb

In Greece the herbs and seasonings grow wild on the hillsides. Most Greek cooks go to the valleys and hills and pick what ever is seasonally available at that time of year. The seasonings perfect for lamb grow on the same hills as the lamb. So, my husband says the reason why the lamb is… Continue reading Self-seasoned lamb

Christo’s Restaurant and the Dolmathes

I guess I knew deep down in my soul that sooner or later it had to happen. I was not dreading the day but more like a secret knowing, and expectation. Today was that day. The day when I found a dolmathe that I considered better and more flavorful than mine. Christo's Restrauant in Petra… Continue reading Christo’s Restaurant and the Dolmathes

Rustique Bistro on Bowen

This small and cozy restaurant on Bowen island makes a big deal about good food! The dinner specials are very special as was evidenced by the wonderful meals we all had last night. I started with the truffle fries coated in Parmesan cheese and just loved every crunchy bite dipped in the truffle mayo...exquisite! I… Continue reading Rustique Bistro on Bowen