Our last day and night on Lesvos

In our week driving the island of Lesvos we saw an amazing array of country side from lush Pine forests to massive olive groves (over 11,000,000 trees), from scrub brush along the storm ravaged shores to the hills covered in wild herbs, from roads too small for a car to goat paths that we constantly found with help from our GPS lady, and we loved it all. Even loosing the GPS signal on a constant and continuous basis usually as we arrived at a small town or village. Yes, even when the GPS lady ‘woke up’ after a ‘lost’ signal on a hair pin turn going down to the sea, and made the announcement…’go straight’…we laughed at the thought of being killed by the GPS lady while on holiday in Greece.

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We enjoyed the beautiful, crystal-clear waters, clean sand and pebble beaches, the lovely hotels, and the wonderful people we met. Some of those people will continue in our hearts as loving remembrances of our special times with them. We have found another ‘feels like home’ hotel at Akrogiali Hotel with our host Pearsa and will definitely be returning in years to come.
And then there is the food… ahh yes! Lesvos shall always be remembered for it’s delicious food, great cooks, and wonderful hospality. We ate some of the best Greek food we have ever had on this jewel of an island. That alone should bring us back wanting more.

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We visited the Barvayani Ouzo museum as well…Opa!
All said, a wonderful experience!
Although we did the drive and ferry travel, flights are available from major European centers to Thessaloniki and to Mytilini on Lesvos.

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