Apology to the GPS Lady

We found a new feature on Google Maps today that has made all the difference in how we view the GPS lady. We now have a much better understanding why she says the things she does. Her directions are not simply out of vindictiveness [for some of the names I have called her]. Or even, that she has tried to kill us on a number of occasions after ‘waking up’ from a ‘lost signal’ with the strong directive of ‘continue straight’ when we are making a hairpin turn on a mountain road where looking over the drop-off would give most people a heart attack….no it is none of these things.
It is this:

GPS Lady
It is now plainly obvious that no one can tell which is a road and which is a goat path. In some cases it seems that the goat path is the safer route!

So, we sincerely apologize for any strong language used to describe to great detail the diatribe of offensiveness for any perceived [either actual or virtual] offenses of the GPS lady!


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