SSP – My Review Websites!

I post reviews on a number of review websites, some of which are directly related the service offered as,, and

So, the great news is that I now have my own page on and here it is:

Also, on Trip Advisor I have now reached 40,000 readers!

Here it is:

As a member of Google Guides/ Google Maps I have also a great readership of over 50,000 with one of my photos reaching over 7000 views.

Sorry no link yet! Stay connected!

I also post reviews on the websites of the places we visit : such as restaurants, hotels, sights to see etc.Now that I have my own website I try to follow up by posting the link onto the hotel or restaurant web page so that anyone can come to my web site to see the full review. Unfortunately not all hotels or restaurants and sights have their own web sites. So, it is always better to check first!


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