From Plakias to Tsoutsouros

This drive was congested for part of the way from Plakias to the turn off that goes toward Heraklion. There were many cars and vans on the roads and the traffic was slow and backed up for many miles. This, of course, does not make my husband happy…when he drives…he likes to drive!

But, having the slow situation imposed upon us and not really much to do about it we sauntered along [sometimes at a snails pace] the winding roads and made the best of the incredible vistas laid out before us. The usual suspects, including goats, sheep, and a cow or two lazed in the fields or were hiding ‘head-first’ in the bushes as sheep are want to do on hot days! Goats ‘pronging around’ the uneven rocks and a cow laying, tucked into the only patch of dry hay or grass, that could be seen.

As we came onto the road that leads to Tsoutsouros we were fired up for a twisting, turning down hill, lots of switchbacks exciting drive…it lasted about 3 seconds as we came upon a ‘convoy’ of 4 wheel drive vehicles driving very slow. Not that I can blame them as it was a tour operator who was responsible for the ‘rather greenish’ looking tourists [that we could see in the back seats]. My guess is that this road is the ‘exciting’ part of the tour around the Island and they would end up in Tsoutsouros for lunch!
As we followed along behind, never too close because that makes tour cars excited, we noticed that they all drove pretty well center-road and only moved over into their correct lane for oncoming traffic…prudent for sure! We did enjoy the scenery and the drive even though it was not what we had hoped for on one of our most favorite roads!


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