Long Time to Be Married to a Strange Man

Happy 45th Anniversary Mike and Karen and as an old friend used to say, “That’s a long time to be married to a strange man” (but it can go both ways).
This lovely couple have been married (to each other) for 45 wonderful (depending on who you are talking to at the moment) years!

That length of time is worth congratulations in and of itself! But, also they are still best friends and buddies after all these years…I’m sure there is a song about that on some one’s phone (along with about 3000 other songs between 3 members of our group). The thing about being friends and buddies is that you know you don’t always have to agree with the person or don’t even have to laugh at all their jokes (some of which even they would admit are not funny) but you still like them at the end of the day and you are still willing to wake up with them the next morning!
Hope you have another 45 Mike and Karen!

Our wonderful CEO Sony arranged a fantastic restaurant called Viet Village where the food was a good as the company! Here’s the link: http://vietvillage.com.vn/












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