Happy Hoi An – a stitch in time, get suited

Hoi An is a lovely city of lanterns. 

Yes, and it is not so busy as other cities we have visited, but, there are over 600 (yes, you read that right)…600+ tailor shops in Hoi An. It is simply put the ‘capital of the stitches’ of Viet Nam. You can literally have anything made in a day from a suit to a dress (or four or five). They will measure, cut, sew, and fit what your heart desires and then mail it home for you!

We visited a few of the local tailor shops and most of the group took advantage of the wonderful fabrics and excellent tailoring to have some fantastic clothing made to fit. I ordered a traditional dress and pants outfit called a Ao Dai in a very beautiful teal color silk. As promised it was ready for the next day at 3:00 pm and it fit perfectly. I was very happy so I went to another shop and ordered a knee length tunic in another beautiful blue silk with a lantern pattern (as was the symbol of the town). Again, it was ready to fit as promised but this time an alteration needed to be made and was ready for me that evening. Happy with my purchases I would recommend New World Tailors as a great place to get that new suit , a few shirts, a jacket or a beautiful dress or four!
The food was also not to disappoint us either. We loved the local eateries as well as the Hotel breakfast. Noodles, noodles, and more noodles in all shapes and forms from long and thin to broad and flat, from round dumplings to flat filled dumplings Hoi An has more noodles than you can count. But, that is another story for another post, watch for Oodles of Noodles!

Walking was easy through the old town as motorcycles, mopeds, and cars are not allowed. The rest of the town …well…not so much as the sidewalks were parking lots for motorcycles and mopeds. 

The night market on the other side of the river is a must visit as is the Japanese Bridge and the Museum.

The Serene Hotel was our lodging for the 3 nights we were ensconced in this lovely place.
Have a look at this lovely Hotel and what they have to offer:


This lovely little town is advertised as “one of the most beautiful destinations in the world” and it lives up to the hype!


Highly recommended.

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