Happy Hoi An – Museums – Yay!

As many of you know already we have a certain propensity for showing up at a museum and finding it closed…too often for my liking.

Well, Hoi An may have broken the Museum ‘curse’ as not only were we able to visit all the museums but we were welcomed into a museum that was ‘closed’… oh joy, oh bliss never again a museum we will miss. When you purchase a ticket to the World Cultural Heritage of the Ancient Town of Hoi An you receive a block of tickets to the museums, which are the Museum of Hoi An, the Museum of Trade Ceramics, the Museum of Folk Culture, the Gem Stone Museum and Gallery.

Four wonderful museums, from a tiny house to a large regional museum, were on our list and we got them all. It was truly a great day for us as we fervently love museums.



Check out the highlights at these links:

All well worth more then a quick look.


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