The Lotus Boutique Hotel, Pho 2000, and Chill Sky Bar

Upon arriving in the southerly city of Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) we checked into our Hotel and were immediately thrown into the bedlam of the city streets by taking a stroll (well more like a fast paced walk while trying to avoid cars speeding at you from every direction) to the Phở 2000 restaurant. This restaurant is famous for serving former U.S. President Bill Clinton.

The chaos of this city rivals the fastest and biggest in the world and as a New Yorker in our group commented, “New York is quiet compared to this”! The Phở was good but not sure it was good enough to risk my life for again.

The Lotus Boutique Hotel was lovely with spacious rooms, well appointed, and fresh as a daisy is the order of the day for this upscale Hotel. The Sunflower City View Restaurant on the top floor serves a delicious meal menu and also a great breakfast. Check it out here:
We loved the hotel but honestly I have had better Phở, leaving me to believe that ‘famous’ does not always mean to make it good.

The night life in Ho Chi Minh city was also bustling with electric audacity. The group decided to take a look out over the city at night at the Chill Sky Bar. It was worth the elevator wait. Amazing views with a cooling breeze and good drinks. Go at Happy Hour when the drinks are half price (otherwise expect New York prices).




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