So Many Wats

The main highlight of our Cambodia Tour was our visit to Angkor Wat. Angkor Wat is an experience that you must have! It is truly incredible, beautiful and awe inspiring!

Our guide filled us in on the history of this beautiful place as we strolled along the promenade toward the temple. It was truly quite impressive in the early morning with the white of the temple against the back ground of a pale blue sky. People were mulling about and in a generally pensive mood as we waited for the sunrise. Was it too hazy to get a good picture? Was the sun going to appear where it was deemed to be seen? We waited expectantly and then a small orange sphere began to edge its way up towards the sky hiding complacently behind the white of the temple spire.







The rush of the crowd and the incessant clicks of cameras began a foray of activity; all trying to get that perfect shot that would live in memory for ever. We did manage a few good shots but most had a medley of people walking through the camera range and some with people’s heads sticking out of the top of the spire while blocking full view of the rising sun.



After a few minutes of hubbub we all went to the small outdoor cafeteria for breakfast. Then on to the tour of the grounds and the temple itself. Try the echo chamber for yourself and take some good pics at the ‘center of the earth’ while listening to the amazing history and the linked culture of the entire area of Wats.

Be careful of the monkeys (they look cute but will lure you into a false sense of security), they can be aggressive as a member of our group found out when one stole her drink and came close to biting her arm! 
Climb the tower (if you dare) and get some great shots of the entire surrounding area.

Angkor is only one of the many Wats in this complex of massive proportions. Visit one or all… but do visit!

Highly recommended


1 thought on “So Many Wats”

  1. Marilyn, your description of Angkor Wat at Sunrise brought back wonderful memories of my time there with you in my tour group. A special time in my travel experiences .


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