Back to Beautiful Bangkok….

Ahhh… the time we had with great people, great food and wonderful travels! But, all good things must be remembered and we have the pictures to prove it. The road back to Bangkok was long and some what arduous, miles in the bus, and crossing boarders without washrooms. We really enjoyed our time together with our group and have made some wonderful friends. We will look back on these days with a joy only good food and good friends can bring!


We will spend a few extra days here by ourselves, calming from the overnight

trains’ revelry  , seeing the last few sights we missed the first time around, and enjoying some more of the street food we enjoyed first when we came to this wonderful country.
To all who accompanied us…fare thee well, to all those we met along the way…may we meet again some day, and to all those whose paths we merely crossed may we have the pleasure of knowing you another time!
Good-bye beautiful Bangkok!

A huge “Thank-you” to Sony (our G Adventures CEO) and G Adventures for this awesome experience. Find it here:


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