Ahhh… the InterJet experience… not so good!

UPDATE: Finally gave up trying to deal with Interjet to change the dates of my tickets. It was a bad experience, and one I do not wish to repeat, I lost some money but learned a valuable lesson.

The lesson: check every word of the fare rules and if there is ‘anything’ that does not sound right…call and ask before you book a ticket! Print everything because websites change daily and you will never find what you are referring to again!

December 2018: Frustrating! Unbelievable issues trying to get through to a customer service number that actually works!

So, this is my update on trying to change my tickets on InterJet (Mexican airline).

I called again finding that the number for Canada was not in service, tried another number, only Spanish with no option for English… try another number… and another, finally I get an answer and an option for English and continue.

I asked to change my ticket from this January 2019 to next December 2019. I am told that the ticket ‘expires’ 1 year from the date of booking! This is not what the fare rules say… the rules say I must make a change in the ticket up to 1 year after booking (and 4 hours before the flight). But, now I am told that I must use the ticket before the 1 year date and cannot change it to a new date into the future beyond the one year after the date of purchase!

I guess it is very convenient (and profitable) for InterJet to interpret the ‘rules’ in any way which suits them and disadvantages it’s customers.

So, how can InterJet improve it’s customer service and image:

  1. Send the correct fare rules with the issued ticket.
  2. Listen to their customers when the customer says they have received the wrong rules and try to help rather than hinder the consultation. Read the emails and reply to the question or concern.
  3. Have customer service telephone lines that actually work.
  4. Have customer service representatives that understand the customer point of view and offer service not excuses.

I personally, will never book another flight with InterJet, they have the total amount of money they will ever get from me. With InterJet,  “you pays your money and takes your chances”!

The Interjet FaceBook page is littered with unhappy customers. As one person said, “don’t waste your money” and another ” worst experience” dealing with Interjet.

Totally NOT recommended!

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