Galaxy Restaurant- yes, it is our favorite

Seafood and Tsiparou, say that three times really fast and you may be able to magically appear sitting at a table facing the Sea, sipping Tsiparou, and relaxing in the beautiful breeze at the Galaxy Restaurant!

The food here is exceptional, the owner and his family are also exceptional, warm, friendly and exuberant. They serve food with love and joy! It makes us happy just being near them. I follow them on FaceBook when I’m not in Greece and oggle all the wonderful dishes and delights I’m planning to eat when I am in Greece.

The thing with Tsiparou is that when you order a Tsiparou you get a couple of dishes of Metzedes, usually seafood of some variation, served with the drink. We usually order 2 Tsiparou and get 4 dishes of food. These are delicious morsels of seafood, beans, potatoes and olives to help calm the effects of the Tsiparou.

We also order the fabulous calamari, and grilled squid. The menu is a wide variation of local dishes that will never leave you wanting, but always wanting more!

A lovely little dessert will be coming as well, so leave room for some sweets!
We look forward for years to our meals at the Galaxy! Tell them TravelSpirit sent you!

Highly recommended!

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