Tokalis Boutique Hotel – and Family Winery

This lovely Hotel is right on the beach in Nea Anchialos, within a few meters of the Galaxy Restaurant. It has a roof top pool that has 180 degrees panoramic views of the entire area!

The rooms are nice and the beds are comfy Greek style with relatively simple furnishings that is the quaint charm of Greece. The breakfast is wonderful and lasts the whole day. The staff are friendly and courteous and very Covid- conscious. Their restaurant at the beach serves great pizza and excellent drinks! Get some sand in your toes and have a bite or two!

The first time we visited Nea Anchialos we were looking for a room and happened upon the Appolo Hotel… now the Tokalis. A very kind lady gave us a room for a couple of nights and we found our place here.
That kind lady – Elaina is the grandmother of the current owner/managers of the Toaklis Hotel. It is so wonderful to be able to come back to the same places for many years and see the next generation taking over the family business.

The Tokalis Winery produces some nice wines and some outstanding Tsiparou! We checked out the Winery and found the other grandson operating it as well. To have our grandchildren come to Greece and visit with these grandchildren would be so fantastic!
Highly recommended!


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