Monemvasia Winery

This winery was highly recommended by our host at Lakonia Bay Apartments. So, we had to make the trip back up the winding road to the newly refurbished and recently reopened (in a new location) to the Monemvasia Winery.

What an incredible set up they have. I was awe inspired by the size and quantity of the wine cellars, the tank rooms, and the press operation.

But, the real “proof is in the pudding” as they say…and it was.
We had a lovely young lady who made time to give us a tasting even though it was harvest season. Some excellent wines with impressive flavors, nose, a lingering bouquet and a beautiful finish.
I like to find wines that complement my taste.

Here are some of our favorites:

Check out this article on wine tasting:

Or if you are just getting started with tasting and developing your palate try this link:

When you visit Monemvasia Winery tell them TravelSpirit sent you!


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