Whirlwind travel to home base! And back to travel again!

After a 43 hour journey we arrived back home from Greece early October… with oh so many things to do to catch up. Trying to finish a renovation and addition to our home as well as get ready for four months in Belize was a little dauting at best. But, we managed to get everything organized, systems in place for remote work and paying bills etc. and actually get on a plane to a sunny destination!

Now that I am here and relaxed (2 weeks decompression time helped) I will be re-organizing, re-sizing, and re-writing some of our Greek Odyssey experiences and posts. Six weeks flies by so fast when you are in Greece and having a wonderful time (again)! But daily posts are a thing of the past as I try to ‘live in the moment’ and ‘truly experience’ the wonders of our beautiful world~!

I will be posting some fantastic pictures and interesting tidbits of our journey in Greece over the next few weeks and months. Wineries and restaurants will be at the top of the list but also all our travels to different cities, museums, and ancient sites will find a prominent place on the blog. Feel free to ask questions or request information and I will try my best to answer (as soon as possible) with the best answer I can come up with for you.

You will be experiencing (from your arm chair or your desktop) a ‘living like a local’ view of my stay in Belize at the Lucky Duck Resort (small 3 unit resort that feels like home), and through out the country on my little expeditions further afield.

Check out the Lucky Duck Resort here: https://www.luckyduckresort.com/

Now that you have an idea of what’s to come…here are some pictures to make your day.

Tall ships at Napflion

I am putting together a couple of coffee table books while I am lazing on the beach here so I’ll try to include some of the pictures (as they are my favorites).

Greek salad and calamari
Evia beaches

Happy travels….and stay safe!


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