Back again…!

The days are short for so much travel, but we try to do as much as we can with the adventures at hand!

Right now I am in Belize (for the last 6 weeks of a four month winter sojourn). We love to visit ancient ruins (and Belize has a lot of these), we also love to dive and snorkel (and Belize has a lot of this too!). So, time for writing blogs posts has passed me by incredibly fast now!

There are really good restaurants, excellent food, and incredibly friendly people here to make any trip more than worthwhile. Watch for my posts about places to stay and eat while here!

We have been about seven times now (kind of lost track) and keep coming back for the beauty of the place and the people.

While I’m here I have decided to publish my photo books from a number of previous trips. So far 10 done and still counting! I am enjoying the time sitting on my deck with the computer overlooking the water, going for a swim, a snack, or a snorkel! It is a slow pace and well deserved after almost 2 years of a home addition and a complete renovation during Covid-19!

Well friends, stay connected and follow our journeys wherever we may roam you are always welcome to join us for a virtual vacation!

Stay safe and sunny travels!



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