Wonderful Indonesia! Denpasar!

Well here we are…travelling again! Flights are a mess, travel times are long and arduous and changes and cancellations are the way things are these post-COVID days! But, after numerous changes and a couple of cancellations we made it to Indonesia after 3 years of trying…

We always plan carefully…but sometimes all the good planning comes to naught! The airline industry is a hit-and-miss affair whether you will get to your destination or be left abandoned in some far off place unable to get home! So far we have been very lucky and with the help of awesome people we have some really incredible things planned for Indonesia.

Borneo will be our first major tour through Siti’stanjungputing Tour company on a 3 day river boat to visit the orangutans in the National Forest. See my separate post about this incredible lady, Siti, who started her own tour company.

Our next stop will be to lovely Lombok, the Island of a Thousand Mosques! We will do a southern Gili 3 Island tour and see a bit of the south part of the island of Lombok. Staying at Krisna Bungalows on the beach with incredible views and even more incredible people.

A car ride through the western side of Lombok will bring us trough beautiful forested areas to Anema Resort and Wellness Center. Wow! and amazing place with amazing staff. A separate post will give you all the details you will need.

A quick public boat ride takes us to Gili Air. The walk onto the boat from the beach and get off in the water on Gili Air is so cool… the a horse drawn carriage is the only transportation to our next hotel, Ali Baba Bungalows. Another small, family hotel with a lovely pool and a minute to the beach.

Another 3 Gili tour to multiple reefs to see the turtles and the corals, and fish! Stay tuned for pictures and maybe even a video or two.

Taking the fast boat back to Bali is 2 hours and then a 4 and a 1/2 hour drive to the northern section of the island should hold some great experiences as well. The correspondence with Mayo Resort (also a small family owned resort) has been excellent and efficient.

Read each individual post to get all the details and directions on how we managed to ‘get around’ these beautiful islands and eat our way through some incredible food!

Ah yes, we won’t forget the food… there will be food posts and exhaustive descriptions and pictures that will make you drool and make you want to eat delicious food immediately.



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