Marathon Archaeological Museum

Once we had finished a lovely breakfast at the Marathon beach Hotel we were off and running…so to speak. The GPS lady took us on a little wild goose chase around some back roads. But, we are so glad she did as we ‘found’ a wonderful little museum with a fantastic curator, Marileana, who gave us a wonderful tour of the museum and the on site tumulus.
This is a must see museum that houses some of the important artifacts of the ‘battle of Marathon’ a defining moment’ in the history of western civilization.
We then went on to the tumulus of the Athenians a little further down the highway with directions from Marileana. The site is not big and an easy walk through.

Continuing on we also found the site of the Temple dedicated to Nemesis and the fortification near Rhamnous.

Again, well worth the drive and the walk to the site. Wear good shoes and take water as it is about 1 1/2 hours walking without much shade. At the Temple site we met a guide whose job it is to stand there and talk to visitors. She was very informative and knew her stuff! She recommended a walk further down the hill to see the deme which was beautiful. It is the most intact deme [ancient town] in Greece.

A wonderful day filled with ancient sites and great museum finds!


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