Vientiane – The New Capital of Laos – Beauty meets Modern

A modern and upbeat city Vientiane is bustling and busy but has a bit of a laid back quality as well. Some fantastic architecture, bakeries, and yes, silk factories such as Carol Cassidy’s Laos Textiles… where I bought another silk wall hanging of exquisite design and work womanship!

Our hotel, the treasure Hotel, was brand new and beautiful, lacking no detail of convenience and exceptional customer service! Beautiful lobby area displaying some unique art furniture and bountiful breakfast was a pure delight.




The location of the National Museum has been changed and it is not currently open as the exhibits are being rebuilt in the new location. Unfortunately this was our pick for the day and we were disappointed to say the least. But, across the street was the National Cultural Hall so we decided to go there instead. Nope, it is closed for renovations! So, we struck out on both counts and did not get any history or culture that day!

Back for a quick walk to the Carol Cassidy… Silk weaving project at Lao Silks. Well worth it as we oggoled and awed at the ‘one of a kind’ silk creations and masterpieces. Our friends from the group also showed up and we had a marvelous time assisting each other in the oggling and buying process. We all walked out with a lovely addition for our walls and very happy travelers!

 The weavers here were all trained in their own villages by their mothers and grandmothers. They were proficient, talented and loved their work. It was soothing to hear the looms clacking their melodious tones as the ladies smiled and wove their stories!

Highly recommended for the artistic quality and fine detail of work.


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