Air New Zealand… customer service 10/10

When we booked our tickets to the Cook Islands last year we did not anticipate so many changes. But… and there is always a but! There were changes! Just a few more than expected… date changes, time changes and route changes… we can anticipate that booking well in advance would precipitate the chance of schedule changes.

The first change had us worried because it would chop 3 full days off our trip and create a real hassle for us changing our other flights and accommodations. But, when we called Air New Zealand I talked to 3 different agents all trying their best to help before I was handed over to an ‘expert’ in ‘fixing’ issues. Well Denise was not only an expert she was extremely kind, considerate and added in a wealth of information that I could only hope to learn from a long exhaustive search on the internet! She changed our tickets to exactly what we needed, re-confirmed our new seats and had it all done in record time with the tickets re-issued the same day!

Skip ahead 4 months and we get another email stating that the flight we so meticulously lined up with our incoming flight on a different carrier was cancelled and that we would need to call to have a different flight (much earlier in the day and too close for comfort to our incoming flight) confirmed. So, we did call. We spoke to Sky… a very very apt name for an airline employee.

In speaking to Sky we found that it may not be possible to ‘get through’ de-boarding our incoming flight, go through customs, security, and make it on time to board our Air New Zealand flight with only 2 hours in Melbourne… Needless to say we were very concerned. But, Sky did everything possible to find a solution. And he did! He managed to get us on a different flight later in the afternoon, make it to Auckland at the same time as our previous flight, and make our flight to the Cook Islands the next morning! WOW! Pleased as pudding we were!

This is what customer SERVICE looks like… Huge thank-you to Denise and Sky and to Air New Zealand for hiring them!

Air New Zealand is Absolutely recommended! 10/10

Photo credit: Air New Zealand



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