Through the City of Athens…to Nea Anchialos

Back on the mainland of Greece We arrived in Athens at rush hour…the ferry was unloading and we could not see space on the streets at all… We wondered what to do and decided that we would make a run for it! We wove through construction at the exit to the ferry terminal and then… Continue reading Through the City of Athens…to Nea Anchialos

On the road to and from Loutraki

The drive to Loutraki was awesome. The high mountains, winding roads, goats and general driving experience suited us. From the valley of the 'greek salad' to the high mountains we drove past ancient Olympia, Pyrgos and Corinth. As we arrived in Loutraki we drove along the seashore to our hotel. The waves were high and… Continue reading On the road to and from Loutraki

The Olive and the Vine

Blessed by the gods the Greek people have been the caretakers of the gift of Athena 'the olive' and the gift of Dionisos 'the vine'. This has become a recurring theme of mine for our travels in Greece; the importance of the olive and the grape vine to the lives of the Greek people. Two… Continue reading The Olive and the Vine

Cotton and Corn

As we drive through the central interior of Greece we are stunned by the flat plains of lush green farmland from Veleistino to around Karditsa. The scenes of farmers, lovely little villages, and green and golden fields acknowledges the richness of the land and the spirit of the people who work it. The fields… Continue reading Cotton and Corn

Marathon Beach Hotel and Resort

As we drove along the beach way toward our hotel for the night we noticed a lot of young people in full party mode, lots of music and fun happening here! We arrived at the Marathon Beach Hotel fairly late as we docked at Athens at about 7:30 and had an hour and a half… Continue reading Marathon Beach Hotel and Resort

Sailing Greece by Ferry

When planning this trip we wanted to visit a few places we have not yet been in Greece. So, we decided it was time to take a few more ferries. We rented a car in Thessaloniki and would drive onto the ferries to each new destination; an adventure indeed. The first part of the adventure… Continue reading Sailing Greece by Ferry