To Xiropigado

Wow! it was a short but eventful drive from Loutraki to Sunset Beach Hotel in Xiropigado. We stopped to replenish our wine supplies at the beautiful little winery [Ktima Bairaktaris Winery] we found in Nemea and found a rally car convention at the winery. As driving is 'our thing' we decided to stop and discuss… Continue reading To Xiropigado

Diolkos Studios Hotel -Loutraki

Named after the ancient site of Diolkos our hosts have owned this hotel since we stayed here in 2015 with our kids and grand-kids. They have made some major improvements and upgrades to an already great hotel. Sitting on a lovely spot on the sea with most rooms having a sea view and some facing… Continue reading Diolkos Studios Hotel -Loutraki

On the road to and from Loutraki

The drive to Loutraki was awesome. The high mountains, winding roads, goats and general driving experience suited us. From the valley of the 'greek salad' to the high mountains we drove past ancient Olympia, Pyrgos and Corinth. As we arrived in Loutraki we drove along the seashore to our hotel. The waves were high and… Continue reading On the road to and from Loutraki

Apology to the GPS Lady

We found a new feature on Google Maps today that has made all the difference in how we view the GPS lady. We now have a much better understanding why she says the things she does. Her directions are not simply out of vindictiveness [for some of the names I have called her]. Or even,… Continue reading Apology to the GPS Lady

SSP – My Review Websites!

I post reviews on a number of review websites, some of which are directly related the service offered as,, and So, the great news is that I now have my own page on and here it is: Also, on Trip Advisor I have now reached 40,000 readers! Here it is:… Continue reading SSP – My Review Websites!

Valley of the Greek gods…I mean salad!

We had a bit of a wild ride today up and around the mountain peaks and then deep into the lush green valleys. The roads were really roads...not goat paths, but just as much fun and surely a thrill...without the goats! These valleys are so rich and lush they grow just about every kind of… Continue reading Valley of the Greek gods…I mean salad!

The Nemean Lion and the Stymphalian Birds

Following the path of Heracles on his labors we crossed through, as he did, Nemea where he captured the lion and wore the lion cloak forever after. Read all about the first labour here: Nemea is also the place where ancient wineries flourished according to Homer. The winery we visited is bringing ancient methods… Continue reading The Nemean Lion and the Stymphalian Birds

Mare Dei Suites Ionian Resort

The soft sand stretches like a golden ribbon across the private sun-drenched beach, tucked into a secluded cove. You feel compelled toward the sea. The warmth of the sand filters through your toes and you can anticipate the cool refreshing water. The crystal clear water laps at your toes and you fall into the blanket… Continue reading Mare Dei Suites Ionian Resort

3rd and 4th Labors of Heracles

Driving through the areas of Sereina, Karaninia and Erathematha we were reminded of our trip find the places where the labors of heracles took place. Here we were almost at the mountain where Heracles visited the centaur Pholus. Go ahead and read about it here: We also followed the trail of the… Continue reading 3rd and 4th Labors of Heracles

To sea again…

A quick ride into Mytelini in the morning and a short wait at the dock and the 'Aridane' was loaded efficiently and quickly. The entrance to the dock loading zone for Hellenic Seaways is on the south side of the harbour and the line up was actually organized and controlled by the Port Police. Good… Continue reading To sea again…