A Special Place- Mytikas

The Dionisos Hotel has been a favorite of ours since 2012 when we spent a few days here and again later in 2015. Now we are back to another place that 'feels-like-home'. Our hosts son has taken over the day-to-day operations but still remembers us from previous trips. Welcomed again with joy and open arms… Continue reading A Special Place- Mytikas

Paresos Hotel and Nea Anchialaos

One of our favorite spots on mainland Greece we happened upon quite by chance a few years ago and come back every time we are in Greece - Nea Anchialios. Just 20 km from Volos it is tucked into a quiet little bay on the Pageaetic Gulf. We have stayed at the Paresos Hotel for… Continue reading Paresos Hotel and Nea Anchialaos

Marathon Beach Hotel and Resort

As we drove along the beach way toward our hotel for the night we noticed a lot of young people in full party mode, lots of music and fun happening here! We arrived at the Marathon Beach Hotel fairly late as we docked at Athens at about 7:30 and had an hour and a half… Continue reading Marathon Beach Hotel and Resort

To sea again…

A quick ride into Mytelini in the morning and a short wait at the dock and the 'Aridane' was loaded efficiently and quickly. The entrance to the dock loading zone for Hellenic Seaways is on the south side of the harbour and the line up was actually organized and controlled by the Port Police. Good… Continue reading To sea again…

Our last day and night on Lesvos

In our week driving the island of Lesvos we saw an amazing array of country side from lush Pine forests to massive olive groves (over 11,000,000 trees), from scrub brush along the storm ravaged shores to the hills covered in wild herbs, from roads too small for a car to goat paths that we constantly… Continue reading Our last day and night on Lesvos

Mytilana Village Hotel and Resort

The Mytilana Village Hotel and Resort is a lovely property that is well cared for and right on the sequestered seashore, with kayaks and a dock, this hotel is close to Mytileni but just outside the city. Quiet and peaceful surroundings with numerous patios, a seaside cafe and a restaurant makes this a great place… Continue reading Mytilana Village Hotel and Resort

Cavo Christo Seaside Hotel

Voted the best hotel in Petra in 2015! The owner (Electra) was very accomodating with getting us into our room as we arrived early. Supplied with coffee and treats we sat on the lovely patio while waiting we enjoyed the lovely sea view. Our room is located at the back of the property in the… Continue reading Cavo Christo Seaside Hotel

Phillipi Museum

We are always on the look-out for another museum. We planned our stay at the Yannis Hotel in order to take in the Phillipi Museum and the archaeological site close by. http://odysseus.culture.gr/h/1/eh155.jsp?obj_id=3376 As usual we enjoyed the trip back into ancient times walking the site and visiting the museum with its trove of intricate objects.… Continue reading Phillipi Museum

Arrived! Glorious Greece!

After a long travel time of 2 days we have arrived in our favorite spot...Glorious Greece! I will be writing an article about some of the best seaside hotels and spas in Greece and of course about the local food offerings as well! We arrived late last night to be greeted by our host and… Continue reading Arrived! Glorious Greece!